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As with many illustrators, mine was a long and winding path to publication. Along the way, I could be found scooping ice cream, counseling at summer camp, waiting tables at a dude ranch or operating a chairlift at a ski resort. At one point I even hoped to become a veterinarian! Of all my varied experiences, though, my favorite was at a children’s book review magazine--The Horn Book-- where I fell in love with children's books. After earning my BA in Art and French and my BFA in illustration at the Art Institute of Boston, I dove into children’s books and have since illustrated twenty-three of them.


It has long been a goal of mine to write my own stories to illustrate. My first authored book, EMERSON BARKS, was published by Christy Ottaviano Books in August of 2016. Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House then published A QUIETER STORY in July, 2019, and will publish ONCE UPON A WINTER DAY, in October of 2020.  


My home is in Vermont, nestled between the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. When not working in my studio, I can be found on the lake, on the side of a mountain or deep in the woods with my family and/or two dogs.

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