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Did you know that more than six million pets arrive annually at community animal shelters in the United States? Of that number over three million are dogs. But of course it's not just dogs and puppies that need homes. Shelters take in cats, kittens, birds, reptiles, and even domestic farm animals. And there are many reasons why these animals need to go to shelters. Some of the animals are strays and some are lost; some are rescued from natural disasters or from mistreatment. Some have been given up because their owners could no longer care for them. Using poetic back stories and informative text, Tails From the Animal Shelter shines a spotlight on the good work of community animal shelters. Ten different fictional animals, including a handicapped dog, a magician's former rabbit, and a pot-bellied pig, represent the millions of pets brought to shelters every day. Whether they're known as Humane Societies, rescue services, or other names, these organizations and their caring work remind us all of how a loving home can change the life of a vulnerable animal.

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ONCE UPON A WINTER DAY by Liza Woodruff, Margaret Ferguson Books, Holiday House, October 2020

This picture book tells the story of Milo, a boy who follows signs in the winter landscape: a set of footprints, a single feather, a fallen branch, and more, which suggest that nature has grander stories to tell once he knows how to look for them. 

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